lunes, 29 de noviembre de 2010


Christians in many parts of the world celebrate Christmas on 25 December. This festivity celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ. When we think of Christmas we think of the Christmas tree. This tradition comes from Germany. Germans had a fir tree in their homes and they decorated it with biscuits and candles. Every year there is a very big Christmas tree in Trafalgar Square in London. It is a present from Norway.The Norwegians wanted to thank the British for their help during World War II. America's most famous tree is at Rockefeller Centre on Fifth Avenue in New York City. This tree has about five miles of lights!!!

Some Christians go to church at midnight on Christmas Eve, while others go on Christmas morning. Families try to be together and have dinner or lunch together with special foods. People usually send Christmas card to their friends or relatives: they usually buy boxes of Christmas cards, often from charity organizations. The families put them on the walls in their houses. Christmas carols are very popular too. Many of them are very old. A lot come from Europe but some are American, too. People sing carols in churches, in town centres and sometimes in front of their neighbours' houses.


viernes, 26 de noviembre de 2010


Yesterday the High School I.E.S. Los Álamos celebrated The Thanksgiving's Day in the playground of our school. Students from 1º and 2 º ESO prepared delicious chocolate cakes and everybody enjoyed them .Our language assistant, Elizabeth, explained to us the traditions of North America and we had a very good time!!!!!!
Americans of all religions celebrate Thanksgiving on the fourth Thursday of November. Thanksgiving is a special day for families, and people travel great distances to be with their families for this occasion.
The tradition started when some pilgrims left England because of religious persecution. They wanted to start a new life in a new country, so they left England on a ship called The Mayflower. They landed on the north-east coast of North America. It was winter and there wasn't much food. They immediately built small houses, but with the help of the native Americans who taught them to grow corn and how to hunt and fish. Soon the pilgrims and the natives became friends. The Pilgrims grew crops and the summer harvest was excellent. By November 1621 everyone had food and a home. They decided to celebrate it with a dinner to thank God. This was the first Thanksgiving dinner, and it continued for three days.